Gordon was called to the British Columbia bar in 2004 and started his career as a drug prosecutor in Prince George, BC. He joined Alberta Justice in December of 2005 as a Crown Prosecutor where he spent almost 9 years handling every type of trial matter.


Gordon’s experience includes:

  • murder
  • manslaughter
  • infanticide
  • criminal negligence causing death and bodily harm
  • impaired driving causing death and bodily harm
  • dangerous driving causing death and bodily harm
  • impaired driving and driving over .08
  • refusal to provide breath samples
  • aggravated assault
  • assault with a weapon
  • assault causing bodily harm
  • aggravated sexual assault
  • sexual assault causing bodily harm
  • sexual assault with a weapon
  • domestic assault
  • employee theft and fraud
    • complex identity theft and credit card fraud
    • breaches of probation orders, recognizances,



Gordon has also prosecuted matters under Provincial statute and is familiar with the elements of the offences in each:


  • Traffic Safety Act, including:
    • Vehicle Equipment Regulations
    • Use of Highways and Rules of the Road Regulations
    • Commercial Vehicle Regulations
  • Wildlife Act and Regulations
  • Fisheries Act and Regulations
  • Fair Trading Act
  • Protection Against Family Violence Act
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act

Gordon founded Hatch Law in the summer of 2014 to help people navigate the criminal justice system.  Everyone, no matter the crime or offence alleged, deserves a vigorous and competent defence.  Gordon brings a wealth of criminal trial experience to bear in defending you of any and all charges brought against you. He has extensive knowledge of criminal trial procedure, applications under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, rules of evidence, and the complexities of the interaction of all levels of the Courts in our criminal law.


If you have been charged with a crime or an offence under any law, you need to speak to an experienced lawyer in order to understand all that you face.  Often, pleading “guilty” to an offence can have many repercussions and ramifications in your life over and above the sentence imposed by the Court.  Often-times, people feel compelled to plead guilty despite significant evidentiary deficiencies in the Crown’s case against them; I’ve seen that happen too many times to count in my experience as a prosecutor.  What may seem like strong evidence against you may not be in the hands of an experienced criminal lawyer; you need legal advice to know your options!


You should never plead guilty to anything without first having an experienced criminal lawyer review your case and explain the decisions available to you.  Gordon will meet with you, explain the process, and will be prepared to review the case against you.


If you are in custody, it is even more urgent that you have able representation.  Gordon can conduct a bail hearing or bail review (appeal) very quickly to ensure you aren’t incarcerated longer than necessary. Most importantly, he will work to ensure your rights are protected.


If you have been charged, or if you are aware that you are being investigated by police, you need experienced and competent legal counsel.


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